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March 13, 2015

Christopher Culnan, Athletic Director

Shenendehowa High School East, Clifton Park, NY 12065 • 518-881-0390, Fax 881-0399

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Athletic Department

Go Shen!
Game/Meet/Practice Cancellations: None to report at this time.






2015-2016 Start Dates

Fall 2015 - August 17, 2015 All Freshman, JV and Varsity Teams.  Modified Football August 24, 2015.  All other Modified sports September 1, 2015.

Winter 2015-2016 - November 9, 2015 All Freshman, JV and Varsity Teams.  Modified November 16, 2015.

Spring 2016 - March 7, 2016 All JV and Varsity.  Freshman March 14, 2016.  Modified March 21, 2016.



Check back in the spring for information about our 5th annual event and inductees.


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Requirements to Participate in Sports at Shen

Physical examinations are required for students participating in interscholastic sports. Proof of physicals must be presented before students may practice. Students must be cleared by specific deadlines TBA (typically the first day of varsity practices/tryouts). There are TWO OPTIONS for a sports physical, it can be done:

at school by the school physician (district physician sports physical)
by the student's own doctor (private physician sports physical)

For students who participate in more than one sport during a year:

After the physical for the first sport, only a Sports Recertification Interval Health History form - HPE7(BOE7420F.1) is required for students who participate in additional sports throughout the year. Note that all athletes are required to recertify within 30 days of the start of their respective season.

For students in grades 7 and 8 wishing to participate in a freshman, junior varsity or varsity sport:

These students must receive selective classification

For students with asthma wishing to participate in a sport:

Students must have a completed the Permission to administer medication in school - HM2 (BOE7513F)  from their private physician with the completed SPORTS CANDIDATE HEALTH HISTORY - HPE 6 (BOE7420F) in order to attend a school physical or to be cleared with a private physical.

In accordance with New York State Education Law (see below), all student athletes must have a completed form by their own physician to self-administer any medication { i.e. Albuterol Inhaler} before they will be allowed to participate in any school sponsored sports. The completed form must be given to the school nurse before the student will be placed on the clearance list.

New York State Law Article 19- Medical and Health Services:
S916. Pupils afflicted with asthma. The board of education or trustees of each school district and board of cooperative educational services shall allow pupils who have been diagnosed by a physician or other duly authorized health care provider with a severe asthmatic condition to carry and use a prescribed inhaler during the school day with the written permission of a physician or other duly authorized health care provider, and parental consent, based on such physician's or provider's determination that such pupil is subject to sudden asthmatic attacks severe enough to debilitate such pupil. A record of such permissions shall be maintained in the school office.


Different Levels of CompetitionDedication of the  Aquatic Center

Shen offers a variety of interscholastic athletic opportunities for boys and girls. There are four levels of competition: Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshman and Modified. The Freshman and Modified levels are only offered for certain sports.

The Varsity (V) level is primarily made up of juniors and seniors, though it is not uncommon to have exceptional underclassmen on a varsity team.

The Junior Varsity (JV) is mostly tenth graders but when there is no Freshman team available many JV programs will contain ninth graders.

The Freshman (F) level is comprised mainly of ninth grade students; however, younger students who are exceptional athletes may be Selectively Classified  to compete at the Freshman level.

The Modified (M) level is a developmental program for younger athletes in eighth grade and some exceptional seventh graders. The athletes participating in a Modified program do not have to be Selectively Classified.


SeasonsWrestling Team

The fall season usually begins during the second week of August and lasts through October, although some playoffs such as football will continue until Thanksgiving.

The winter season usually begins in early November and continues through March.

The spring season generally runs from early March and ends in early June.

Athletic Trainer and Training Room

The athletic trainer for all sports is Rick Knizek. He is located at High School East every day. Please contact Rick directly by e-mail at or by phone at 881-0600 extension 61588 for questions or schedule information.


Spectator Courtesy Code

It is the belief that good sportsmanship on the part of spectators at high school athletic contests is as important as good sportsmanship on the part of the players. The following guidelines for spectator conduct are expected as a means of continuing and strengthening the ties that exist between competing schools. Spectators are encouraged to be actively involved in positive behaviors that promote enthusiastic support for our interscholastic teams. Spectators should cheer for our teams rather than against others. Discourteous or unsportsmanlike behaviors are unacceptable. No spectator should be involved in any of the following actions:

No one shall throw any object on to the playing surface. This action is equally dangerous to Shen athletes, other participants and spectators.

No one shall use unacceptable language when cheering or engage in any cheer that is demeaning to a team or an individual (players, coaches, referees, or other spectators)

No sound producing devices shall be used. This includes horns of any type, whistles, drums, etc.