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Performance Task Resources
                   Math Gr.
1: The Calendar Company




Project: Create a Calendar on ShenTRAC

Images for Calendar

Marketplace Images
(over 100 images)—pictures to use in the calendars

Clip Art for Valentine

Today's Date in History

Anyday Today-in-History
Historic Events & Birthdates that occurred on a SELECTED day of the year. The student may select the day. There is a great deal of material here. The teacher may want to select material from this site.

Today's Calendar and Clock Page
—all the information you could want on today’s date.

This Day in History
Information on "this date in history" created by the History Channel. Audio tapes of the events are also available.

Teacher's Resources

KIDPROJ's Multi-Cultural Calendar
This site contains a Multi-Cultural Calendar indexed by month, holiday, country, and author.  One can also do a keyword search. There is also information on connecting the calendar with your curriculum.

The Calendar Zone
Calendarzone is a gateway to tons of information on different calendars: cultural, holidays, historical, traditional and many more.

A Walk Though Time
This site has a section on ancient calendars.

The Maya Calendar
...information on the Maya Calendar.

How Many Days in A Year?

Making Months

Calendars and their History
A write up of the history of Calendars.

Royal Greenwich Observatory Information Leaflet's

The Julian and Gregoiran Calendars
Information on these two calendars,  the true length of the Tropical Year and more.

Fun and interesting facts about the numbers for the day’s dates.

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