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Dear Parents,                                                         March 27, 2015

           As we move forward into Spring, the students will be working on transitioning into reading, writing, and working like second graders. Please reinforce craftsmanship and revision at home when your child is writing independently. 

We learned about crabs and seahorses this week. The students are doing a fabulous job on reading informational charts and writing non-fiction reports on ocean animals. Next week, we will study whales, sharks, and dolphins. The week after break, we will learn about sea turtles and fish.

With Spring here, the students will help plant seeds in the classroom. As a class, the students will be observing, watering, and taking care of different types of plants.

We will have a math test on chapter 9 on Monday, March 30th.  We will start chapter 10 next week. Chapter 10 focuses on the essential question, “How can graphs and charts help you organize, represent and I interpret data?”  The students will learn about bar graphs, picture graphs, tally charts and review tally marks.


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