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Dear Parents,                                                            November 6, 2015

           We had a great week learning about owls. The students are practicing five star writing when writing independently. Please remind your child to use capital letters, finger space, neat handwriting, punctuation and to read their work to see if it makes sense.

In math we are learning and practicing doubles, doubles plus 1 and doubles minus 1.  These concepts are difficult for first graders and we will continue to practice these throughout the year.

Our next unit in writing is Realistic Fiction.  The students will organize a story that could happen in real life with made up characters,  a  setting, a problem and a solution. The author does not say I, me, or my. We will be working on this for several weeks.

Due to the short week, there will be NO spelling homework next week! The next         homework packet for spelling will go home on Monday, November 16th.

                                                                                     Mrs. Trotta








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